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William "DC" Clark

2010 Honoree - Business & Entreprenuerism


As an African American Achiever, the award is confirmation that I've heeded my calling and am doing what the Creator put me on this Earth to do. I consider myself a true humanist, someone who loves humanity, and treat all others as if they are a member of my own family--that is until they do something that would play themselves out of that status. I've always treated people as I would like to be treated, and that's a code I will continue to live by until my last breath.

I've won several awards for my service in the community over the years but none as prestigious as the JM Family African-American Achievers award. When looking at the list of previous winners, it reads like a "Who's Who" in the tri-county area. They all are stalwarts in their respective communities and I'm extremely honored to be among such a distinguish group.

Since winning the award, I've been working on trying to develop ways to elevate the status of perennial low-performing schools within the Miami-Dade County school system. I'm a member of the Educational Transformation Office task force that was put together to develop solutions to get these low-performing schools on par with those that are doing well. I also am a member of I.C.A.R.E. (Inner City Alumni for Responsible Education), which is a group of concerned alumni who have come together to develop methods, tactics and strategies to fight against the inequities and even the playing field where our schools are concerned. We recently fought and won against one of the country's media giants who attempted to televise a local match up of high school football powers without justly compensating them. We are currently working with the Superintendent to develop ways to protect the licensing and branding of all of schools within the Miami-Dade School system.

I've just recently returned from a trip to Tallahassee, where I was a guest of the United Teachers of Dade County, who traveled to the state capitol to fight against school closures and unjust practices as it relates to teachers salary and other similar issues. I was fortunate to address Governor Rick Scott in an open forum to let him know of the human consequences of his decisions as they relate to his proposal of turning public schools into charters for personal/business gains and slashing teachers' salary to fund other pet projects. On April 28, I will be honored for my Community Activism by the Business and Professional Women's Club of South Florida at the Country Club of Miami in Miami Shores. So, as you can see, I'm as busy as ever doing everything in my power to elevate my community by any means necessary.

Once again, I'm honored to apart of the JM family and I will always do my best to show the world that your selection of me was not in vain.


African-American Achievers