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Dr. M. Tina Dupree

1994 Honoree - Non-Profit


I remember the day when I got the call that I was to be honored as an African-American Achiever. To this day, I still display my distinguished award. Being one of those who received this honor from Jim Moran has left more than just a lasting impression. It has left the wonderful feeling of the handshake from this great and wonderful man. He later invited me to be a guest on the Gallant Lady yacht. Since that time, I have accomplished so much that it would take me writing another book.

So, I will name just a few:

1. I have been recognized for outstanding community service more than 500 times over the past 18 years. I have boxes and boxes stored up since I now work from my condo.

2. I was featured on billboards and the Metro Bus in a Success Campaign for Miami Dade College, where I teach as an Adjunct Professor, and I also teach at Florida Memorial University.

3.I have written 4 books and produced a public speaking instruction video.

4. Next month, I will be celebrating 22 years as the pastor of my church, where I have been a member since 1952.

5. Last year, I was so honored to be included in the AT&T 2011-12 African American History Calendar as the September Calendar Girl.

6. I was the featured speaker on Trinity Broadcasting Network and 10 million people watched. The video is available on my YouTube channel www.youtube.com/chickenlady109.

7. I now have been teaching and training progressive professionals to become Certified Professional Communicators for 20 years and have helped more than 100 of them get their books written and published. One was Dr. Mia Merritt, one of the wonderful African-American Achiever honorees last year, and Ann McNeill who nominated her. Both I have trained.

8. Co-host radio talk shows: 880thebiz, a Bloomberg Station; WMCU, 12 years as host; and 2 other stations.

9. Television host of my own show on Cable Tap, Speak for Success sponsored by Miami Dade College.

10. Owner of Motivational Training Center LLC, which provides professional speaking, corporate training, consulting, one-on-one coaching and other customized services for small and large businesses and the faith-based community.

11. Honored to have a visit in the Oval Office at the White House with President George W. Bush for a special discussion on reforming education. Only eight people were invited. I have pictures. www.motivationaltrainingcenter.com and www.thechickenlady.com

12. Grandmother of Olympian Tiffany Ross Williams, who is a two-time USA Champion in 400 hurdles.

13. Featured and on the cover of WE Magazine.

14. Clients listed on www.motivationaltrainingcenter.com. Some are: Burger King Corporate, ARAMARK, Bell South, MERCK, South Florida Minority Supplier Development Council ( 450 top corporations attended and this was my second time speaking for this group), and other businesses.

15. I have earned a Bachelor of Science degree, a Masters of Science degree, and a Doctorate degree.


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